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Artist, net pioneer and founder and board member of the association Digitalcourage, which has been campaigning for a world worth living in world in the digital age. In 1984, together with padeluun, she founded the art project “Art d’Ameublement”, inspired by the French composer Erik Satie. Rena Tangens was already building communication networks herself at the end of the 1980s and was part of the development team. and was part of the development team of the Zerberus MailBox software. She is an honorary member of the Chaos Computer Club and founded the founded the Haecksen in 1989. Since 2000 she has been an organiser and jury member of the German data protection negative award BigBrotherAwards. Rena Tangens coined the word “data octopus” in 2001, which has since which has since entered common parlance. 2004 she received the “Evolutionary Cells” art prize together with padeluun. cells" art prize, in 2008 the Theodor Heuss Medal for her commitment to civil civil rights, in 2014 the taz-Panterpreis for “everyday heroes”, in 2018 the pin of honour of the city of Bielefeld.

Text “Informationen sind schnell, Wahrheit braucht Zeit” (2004)
(Hier steht einiges an Geschichte meiner Projekte drin)

Text “Alice im Cyberspace” (2000)
Ein historischer Text von Rena Tangens zum Thema Androzentrismus im Netz

Text “Tausche Bürgerrechte gegen Linsengericht” (2006)

Text “40 Jahre Datenschutzbewegung in Deutschland (2021)

Participation in IMA projects
DigiDic - The Exhibition