Sedef Adasi


© Julius Ertelt

If you look for new perspectives and rising talents coming from the German dance music scene, look no further than Sedef Adasi. Resident DJ at Munich’s famed Blitz Music Club.

In her sessions she bounces in between euphoric Techno, ruff House classics, space Disco and tough electro with elegance and ease. Playing at Berghains finest Panorama Bar or Frankfurts Robert Johnson, she is doubtless one of the scene’s most promising new artists.From Printworks London to DGTL Amsterdam or even smartbar Chicago she has reached the international audience. 

With HAMAM Nights, a monthly club night taking place at City Club Augsburg, she has fostered a welcoming home for the likes of DJ Stingray, Tama Sumo, DMX Krew or Perel, thereby taking the nightlifes’ choices’ of the little city to a whole new level.