Sylvia Eckermann


© Sylvia Eckermann

Eckermann has been working in the field of electronic arts since 1989. She creates complex multimedia worlds that the viewers experience in real as well as virtual space. She develops her artworks from concepts of spatiality to communicate immersive experiences that involve situations in which the viewers turn into actors-players inside an audio-visual environment.

Interactive installations and media related artworks realized in e.g. Vienna, Wien Museum A 1991, Kunsthalle Wien A 1993, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano I 1993, Ateneum Museum of Art, Helsinki FI 1994, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts Norwich GB 1995, O.K Center of Contemporary Art Linz A 1998, Landesmuseum Linz A 1998, KIASMA Museum moderner Kunst Helsinki FI 2003, ZOOM, Museums Quarter, Vienna A 2005, Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr A (permanent Installation since 2006), Linzer Landesgalerie, Linz A 2007, ars electronica 2007, Museum Stein, Krems A 2008 – 2009, MKL | Kunsthaus Graz 2009.