Ulla Rauter


© Ulla Rauter

Ulla Rauter, born 1980 in Wr. Neustadt, studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. As a media artist and musician she works at the interface between sound and fine art – her works include performative sculptures, music performances and self-built instruments.

One focus of her work is the development of experimental sound interfaces. Her sensor-based electronic musical instruments have been shown internationally in performances and as objects in exhibitions. Two other central themes in her artistic work are silence as a material and a place of longing - she has realized a series of interactive works in public spaces on this theme since 2009 - and the human voice, which she explores as the source material for her visual and acoustic translation and transformation processes.

In 2010, she founded the annual audio show “Klangmanifeste” together with Christine Schörkhuber. Since 2013 she has been a lecturer at the Department of Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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