IMAfiction Portrait #07 | Anne La Berge

A portrait by Rebekah Wilson [2015]

“The powerful nature of Anne La Berge isn’t just that she is a virtuoso performer, or that she embraces technology: it’s that she visibly has fun with it. She mocks and circles around the question, her scientist-daughter mind so sharp that you know she is fully aware of the audience and its perceptions and yet she is not so self-absorbed that she misses being in the moment. Her music and performances do not suffer from cynicism or that kind of post-modern criticism that chides itself from being joyful. Her music is engaging and infectious. As a listener you marvel at her technique and want to know if her stories are true and how she is inspired. As a composer/performer you want to be on stage with her.

We are fortunate to have performers/composers on stage such as Anne. I can say that I felt more welcome onto the stage myself by way of Anne’s presence. Her music and her character is always a strength and I am sure that many many others across the world, as she travels and performs and teaches, have experienced the unwavering joy of her art and her uncompromising sharing of her passions.”
(Rebekah Wilson)

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  • IMAfiction Portrait #07 | Anne La Berge
    filmed in Vienna 2012

    interview: Rebekah Wilson
    camera: Reinhard Mayr
    film editing: Rebekah Wilson, Reinhard Mayr
    music: Anne La Berge
    sound editing: Robert Eder
    film format: 16:9
    language: Englisch
    subtitles: Deutsch
    duration: 19:27 Minuten
    bonus audio and video tracks: TOO / This flute, oh, this flute / Chuck / Interview von Rebekah Wilson