Experimental arrangement for overcoming medium distances (2021)

by Arnold Haberl aka noid

This work is a reinterpretation of the whispering arc with a radically reduced use of materials: two satellite dishes are aligned in such a way that two people can whisper to each other over a distance of 80 meters while turning their backs to each other, without any electronic amplification. The pure geometry of the Paraboloid causes human speech to be focused and projected over a distance that is clearly too great for normal speech - and the result is the feeling of whispering into each other’s ears - an intimate moment between two people that opens up unique communication spaces in its simultaneity of abstraction and proximity. Once the epitome of progress and communication, the satellite dishes shaped residential areas worldwide for decades.

As a Land-Art object, the experimental arrangement in its retro-futuristic appearance refers to these technologies and related historical transformation processes.