Richard Kriesche

Richard Kriesche (AT) was born in 1940 in Vienna, Austria. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 1973, he founded “Poolerie”, a media gallery for photography, film and video and was co-editor of the mediaart magazine “Pfirsich”. In 1977, he was head of the experimental sector of the Audio-Visual-Center (AVZ) in […]

Whiteout – how near we are able to come to reality 2018

Reinterpretaion of blackout – how closely does television affect me by Richard Kriesche (1974/75) How acts the communication medium, in particular in the current form of VR glasses, which are available in the meantime at any Italian motorway service area, on reality and our communication. The audience has to use VR goggles and headphones, so […]