Veronika Liebl

Veronika Liebl is currently Director of Organization and Finance at the department Festival/Prix/Exhibitions of Ars Electronica. She studied economic and business science at Johannes Kepler University in Linz (graduated in 2010) with study visits at the Harvard University (US) and Université de Fribourg (CH). Since 2013 she is enrolled in the Master of Business Administration […]

Le voyage du paradis 1987/88

Fünf Bilder nach Fragmenten von Robert Musil. Stimme Gunda König. 1987 im Auftrag der INA/GRM Paris in deren Studios entstanden. Magisterium Prize, Bourges, 1988 Dieter Kaufmann has taken the following fragments from the sketch “Journey to Paradise” in Robert Musil’s novel The Man without Qualities, using the computer to transform them musically. During August and […]