Meyer Hannes Carl

Hannes is a Product Developer in the field of Information Management based in lower saxony, germany, near Hannover. He has an extensive know-how in Java Software Engineering and is specialized on the integration of Open Source projects like Apache Lucene, Solr, Hadoop and UIMA.

Sound Machines Opening Concert

Opening Concert   Photo Gallery 20 09 2008 19:30 music for theremin, ondes martenot, trautonium and ensemble moderation: Susanna Niedermayr theremin: Lydia Kavina and Barbara Buchholz ondes martenot: Bruno Perrault mixturtrautonium: Klaus Filip piano: Manon Liu Winter Ensemble: “Die Reihe“ Thomas Höniger – oboe Sabine Windbacher, Régis Bringolf – violin Gertrude Rossbacher-Kawka – viola Solveig Nordmeyer – […]