Pia Palme

Pia Palme is a composer of contemporary and experimental music who places listening practice at the core of her work. Her oeuvre includes instrumental, vocal, and electronic music, media compositions and scenic works. For her, composing is a political activity that can extend into contextual disciplines such as performing, improvising, writing texts, field-recording, making videos and […]

The Art Of Reproduction Performances

A Feminist Projection Guerrilla Tour in cooperation with the office for diversity st. pölten projection: starsky music: Elisabeth Schimana sign bearers: the audience     The Womb Manifesto music performance by Pia Palme         Music From The Ether Theremin performance by Olesya Rostovskaya         Kryostase audio-visual performance with Seppo Gründler, Elisabeth Schimana, Norbert […]