Gisela Schmalz


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Prof. Dr. Gisela Schmalz is a professor of strategic management and business ethics. She put up the database, is a fellow of the Institute for Media and Communications Policies (IFM), a member of the scientific research project „Ethical and Ecological Rating“ (EÖR) and a member of “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie” (DGPhil). Her books include “No Economy” (Frankfurt/M., 2009), “Cliquenwirtschaft” (“Clique Economy – The power of networks: Goldman Sachs, the Church, Google and the Mafia”, Munich, 2014) and „Mein fremder Wille“ („My Alienated Will“, Frankfurt am Main 2020). Her main interest as a researcher is the exploration of possibilities to secure individual freedom, democracy and free markets via technological infrastructures.

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