Mark Pekarsky


© Mark Pekarsky

is an outstanding Russian percussionist, composer, writer, jury-member of many percussion competitions, professor of the Moscow State Tschaikowsky Conservatory.

In 1976 he organized the world famous Pekarsky-Percussion-Ensemble that participated in many Russian and European festivals of contemporary music, presenting works of Russian composers.

Since 1990 Mark Pekarsky has been taking part in different theatre projects.There seems to be nothing impossible to a willing heart – that of Mark Pekarsky. He is surprisingly smart in handling his percussions – almost all objects – starting with a hat box and finishing with a drain-pipe would do. Personally Mark Pekarsky is the owner of an unusual collection: all kinds of rare instruments – air bells, Chinese bien-chjun, Cuban dram bata, “fish scales”…

Mark Pekarsky’s capacity for work is impressive. His complex spiritual world, rich inner life never cease to surprise his admire. The artist’s originality of thought and range of imagination will flourish in the years to come and serve his true and human art.