Norbert Math


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Norbert Math is an artist active in the fields of radio art, electronic music, installation, and Internet. He studied at the Academy of Music, Vienna (institute for electroacoustics) and worked at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics—IEM in Graz and held lectures at the Nuova Accademie di Belle Arti NABA in Milan. Norbert Math was born 1962 in Bozen, Italy and now lives and works in Vienna, Austria.With alien productions (Andrea Sodomka, Martin Breindl, Norbert Math) he is working on the theory and practice of new technologies and media. Curator (with alien productions) of FLUSS – society for the promotion of Photo- and Media Art | Lower Austria Team member of and IMA

Participation in IMA projects
Homunculus Box / The Art Of Reproduction - Replika
Kryostase / The Art Of Reproduction - Transhuman
IMA.15 The Gala - The Video Book
IMAnarchiv_16 St. Pölten
Art’s Birthday 2014
Soft Technology Open Lab
IMA.05 a Festival
salon #7 07
salon #4 07
IMA :: Sommerhirnen 06
Art`s Birthday 06
IMA über IMA | Eröffnungsfest