Peter Donhauser


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Born 1948, Vienna/Austria. Studies in mathematics, physics and chemistry at the University of Vienna. Employments: Teacher at a Junior high school and for adult education in computer sciences, Professor at a pedagogical academy. Development of a hands-on gallery at the Vienna Museum of Technology. Since 1992 head of collections for physics, musical instruments, medical technology, data processing, printing technology, postal affaires, radio and TV, photography and film. 1997 – 1999 director of the museum (renovation of the galleries, reopening). Since 2000 again head of collections; lecturer at the Vienna University. 2014 retired. Numerous publications, esp. about electronic musical instruments, fortepianos and exhibition related topics.

Participation in IMA projects
Analog Beauty
IMA.15 The Gala - The Video Book
Book Presentation Machines for the Opera | The Composer Max Brand
Max Brand Exhibition 2016/17 Vienna
Beyond the Surface
Soft Technology Open Lab
IMA.05 a Festival
Magical Sound Machines