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Sonar Park 2021

What if culture was actually nature? Can technology and botany be connected? The Institute for Media Archaeology (IMA) addresses these questions from the perspective of the electronic arts and new musics. Here, the nature-culture divide has forever been challenged by systems generating sound synthesis that allude to biological processes and join musical composition with organic structures. Our utopia at Sonnenpark LAMES will leave behind anthropomorphic forms, and search for sound experiences that connect with biological systems and non-human living: Disruptive experiments in poetry by the early avant-gardes (Ur-Avantgarde) are returned to the birds, bio-frequencies of plants and trees will become audible, organic processes will be used as a principal form for circuits that embed themselves in flora and fauna. Thus, showing a possible sonic interweaving with nature.

  • Sonar Park

    SONAR PARK presents permanent and temporary sonic installations as well as open-air workshops.

    Time: 13 06 - 04 07 2021
    Place: Sonnenpark LAMES,Spratzener Kirchenweg 81, 3100 St. Pölten
    Curator: Lona Gaikis

Data Garden (USA) / Ioana Vreme-Moser (RO/D) / Saša Spacal (SL) / Astrid Seme (AT)