Mediation Graz

25 04 2024
Workshop with Marek Tuszynski
FH Joanneum (Birgit Bachler) in cooperation with IMA
Master Students Interaction Design

Project Digital Dictatorship

In this workshop the students will engage with the intricate web of data politics and how their digital footprints feed into a data ecosystem where personal data is harvested, utilized, and monetized. Thematic input by the lecturers will address critical perspectives on our relationship with technology and discuss activism in the digital realm. As part of this course they will critically examine their own digital footprints, encouraging a deep dive into the traces they leave online and their implications. Through this self-inquiry, the students will develop an interactive piece that not only reflects their findings but is also suitable for exhibition, aiming to illuminate the often invisible ways in which our data shapes and is shaped by the digital ecosystem.