Ioana Vreme-Moser

Ioana Vreme Moser (RO) lives and works in Berlin. She is a transmedia narrator and sound artist engaged with hardware electronics, and DIY experimentation. Ioana develops her artistic practice around the rather insignificant gestures of everyday life. Central to her approach is to detach every-day objects from their usual surroundings and to transform them by infusing them with a new kind of electric life. In doing so, Ioana seeks to keep alive collective memories and personal feelings of the lost and found. She explores and speculates the meaning and subliminal potential of objects and other life forms. With biting wit, she lures the observers, listeners, and users with the familiar, only to instantly amaze them with a new context or function.

Her site-specific kinetic sound installation Arboreal Receptors (2021) is showcased in SONAR PARK – Entanglements 2021.