starsky is a pioneer of projection art, her diverse work as a “visualistin” extends from imposing large-format projections, comprehensive light-image installations, poly media live performances up to text interventions in urban space. In the process image, language, communication and environment merge into a “gesamtkunstwerk”. sudden enlightenments of limited duration, visualized emotion – volatile, but unforgettable. starsky blithely ignores the boundaries of sub, pop and high culture. nothing that she can not immerse in color, form, word, and light : architecture, structure, environment, public space!

Participation in IMA projects
Nobody Has The Choice / We Have A Choice
nobody has the choice part II / The Art Of Reproduction - Grand Opening
IMAnarchiv_16 St. Pölten
salon #5 07
IMA :: Sommerhirnen 06
salon #3 06
IMA über IMA | Eröffnungsfest