Tamara Wilhelm

Musician, sound engineer and organiser in Vienna.

After studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (electronic and electroacoustic music), she came across the field of DIY electronics. Since then she has been exploring the tonal range of simple oscillators that are based on the misuse of ordinary electronic components. She uses the resulting sound material in musical collaborations. The focus is on abstraction, rhythmic structures, strategies for improvised music, collective development of compositions, the interaction of electronics with acoustic instruments and voice. Bands and ensembles emerged, such as Möström (with Susanna Gartmayer, bass clarinet and Elise Mory, keyboards), Rheuma3000 (with Christian Rainer, text and voice and Philip Leitner, puredata), Noid/Uchihashi/Wilhelm (with Noid, cello and Kazuhisa Uchihashi, guitar and daxophone). She also uses the minimalist circuits for sound installations that translate environmental variables into sound or transform ambient sound using simple principles.

As a member of the Vegetable Orchestra, she worked for many years on experimental instrument building and vegetable-appropriate composition. The duo, z: … with Barbara Kaiser, concentrates on performances that use a variety of means to encircle, describe and circumscribe an idea, span a wide thematic range and use installations, videos, photography, performance, experimental and improvised music.

She was a member of velak, the association for electro-acoustic music, for a decade. This platform offers space for abstract electronic music from Vienna and everywhere and hosts a monthly concert series.
She has also been active at IMA, Institute for Media Archeology, since 2007.

Participation in IMA projects
We Have A Choice
IMA.15 Die Gala - Das Videobuch
Max Brand Ausstellung 2016/17 Wien
IMAfocus Optical Sound
Dark Sounds in White Nights
Beyond the Surface
Intimate Spaces 2012 | IMA Reloaded
IMA.05 a Festival
Magical Sound Machines wach geküsst