Sonar Park - Entanglements

What if culture was actually nature? Can technology and botany be connected? In SONAR PARK, we address these questions from the perspective of electronic arts and new musics. Our utopia leaves behind anthropomorphic forms and search for sound experiences that connect with biological systems and non-human living. We show how organic processes can drive electric circuits (Ioana Vreme Moser) and we make the biorhythms of plants audible (Data Garden). We present the possible sonic interweaving of human and insects (Saša Spacal) and we return the early avant-gardes’ disruptive poesy to the birds (Astrid Seme).

  • Sonar Park

    SONAR PARK presents permanent and temporary sonic installations as well as open-air workshops.

    Time: 12 06 - 04 07 2021
    Place: Sonnenpark LAMES,Spratzener Kirchenweg 81, 3100 St. Pölten
    Curator: Lona Gaikis
    Artists: Joe Patitucci aka Data Garden (USA) / Ioana Vreme-Moser (RO/D) / Sasa Spacal (SL) / Astrid Seme (AT)

    Saturday 12 06 Klimaforschungslabor

    17:00 Opening and walk
    Site-specific installation
    Ioana Vreme Moser / Arboreal Receptors

    20:30 Artist Talk / Q & A
    Data Garden / PlantWave (Joe Patitucci)

    Saturday 03 07 LAMES Clubnach / mittag

    Site-specific installation
    Ioana Vreme Moser / Arboreal Receptors

    15:00 Multi-channel sound installation at Jazzheuriger
    Astrid Seme / Urbirds Singing the Sonata

    16:30 Performance at the court stage
    Saša Spacal / Transversal is a Loop